Bamboo Chopping Board Set

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BAMBOO CHOPPING BOARD SET - These bamboo wooden cutting boards make a superb addition to any kitchen, designed to provide a safe, sturdy and reliable surface for preparing food upon

NATURAL BAMBOO MATERIAL - Made from an extremely hard bamboo wood which does not absorb or retain water easily meaning it will not warp or crack as easily as normal wood, nor will it absorb moisture and flavours from food as easily

CAN BE EASILY HUNG - Each of these chopping boards can be hung up easily between use ensuring an easy and tidy storage

THE IDEAL CHOPPING BOARD SET - The different boards allow you to safely prepare fresh meats separately top avoid contaminating other foods with potentially harmful residues and germs

Size Dimensions:
Large: 1cm  x 33cm x 23cm
Medium: 1cm x 28cm x 21cm
Small: 1cm x 20cm x 15cm


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