Running a small business


Running a Small Business

Different Perspective

With having experience working in an array on different businesses, the opportunities to manage some departments and some businesses has been a definite help working towards this particular time where I have always wished to pursue working for myself. 

Through this approach of work and self-employment, you certainly begin to appreciate the companies and business owners you used to work for in how business through their perspective is much different to that of your own, when the capital income to keep the business running is now your full responsibility when there is no revenue. 

Advertising & Marketing

For the likes of myself, I have been fortunate enough that the companies I previously worked for either had a marketing manager which I worked alongside or someone else in the company had been in charge of the advertising & marketing. 

Now you have to open minded and willing to learn pretty quickly how the online world of advertising works to compete against some big companies which have much largers budgets than yourself especially as a start-up. 
There are many ways online which you can advertise yourself for free, it is the matter of finding these online listings but the biggest of them all is all accessible on your websites, SEO, internal links and back-links. 
Social Connections & Community

I have found that there is a large online presence of communities predominantly on Instagram and Facebook, where people are more than happy to connect and interact with one another on topics that relate to their businesses, hobbies, inudstry of work and even have weekly online social sharings of each others posts and pages to create a sense of welcoming for everyone. 

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